Dr Joanna Kołak’s offer for companies, organisations and experts

I offer individual support for parents on bilingual upbringing as well as run trainings/webinars for companies and experts. The thematic scope of the trainings/webinars is bilingualism and multilingualism in children and adults and the development of children in the world of digital media.

I also audit products or services for children to ensure that they have high educational potential. Below you will find information about my activities in these areas.

Why choose me

I have been working at English universities for 7 years – formerly at the University of Manchester, now at the University of Salford. I am up to date with the latest research on child bilingualism, conducted by the world’s largest research centres.

For several years I have also been researching the development of children in the world of digital media – how media affect child development, how children learn from media and how to safely introduce them to the digital world. You will find more information about it in the about me section

Training courses on bilingualism or children and media for companies and experts

For companies and organizations

Do you want to organise a webinar about child/adult bilingualism or child development in the world of digital media for your company/organisation?


If your employees are bilingual and/or have bilingual children, choosing a webinar from my offer of webinars on bilingualism will help them better understand how a bilingual mind works.

  • How to use the strengths of bilingualism at work and in everyday life.
  • How to deal with challenges in a bilingual and multilingual reality.


Here are some examples of workshops that I have conducted for companies in recent years:

Write to me at info@joannakolak.com to get my offer.

Long-term collaboration

Are you interested in a long-term collaboration in the form of a series of webinars, trainings or articles written on request?

As part of such collaboration, I worked as an expert for:


Write to me at info@joannakolak.com to get an offer of webinars and trainings along with their price estimate. If you do not find your topic in the offer, I am open to your suggestions regarding any new topics.

For experts: speech therapists, psychologists, educators

Are you looking for an expert to conduct training for professionals on bilingualism or child development in the world of digital media?

During these trainings, experts get knowledge based on scientific research and recommendations of world pediatric/psychological societies. I share my knowledge in a simple and accessible way, translating it into practice – whether you’re working with children at school or in your office.

I offer online and on-site training lasting from 2 to 10 hours, one- and two-day trainings, depending on how detailed the contents of the training courses are.


Write to me at info@joannakolak.com, to check how I can help you.


Below you will find some examples of training courses I have conducted:

Auditing children’s products or services in terms of their educational potential.

Need an expert opinion on the educational potential of children’s products (games, books, audiobooks, language learning materials, mobile apps) or services (e.g. courses)? Want to get an objective, reliable and constructive feedback about your product/service? I am an author of tools for assessing the educational potential of touchscreen applications for preschool children and I have experience in advising media designers. With my support, you will improve the quality of your product/service and make sure that it was designed following the current knowledge about the development of children in the world of digital media.

Write to me at info@joannakolak.com to see how I can help you.